Background on Framework Consultations

The UN Special Envoy has initiated on 7 March 2022 a round of structured in-depth consultations with stakeholders in Yemen’s conflict and its future, including political parties, youth, civil society organizations, the economic and security sector. This round will last approximately until May 2022 and aims at informing the Envoy’s Framework to launch an inclusive multitrack process that brings Yemen closer to a sustainable end of the conflict. The consultations focus on identifying Yemeni immediate and long-term priorities for the political, security, and economic tracks. The consultations also explore ideas around guiding principles and the participants’ vision for a political settlement that sustainably ends the conflict. 

This round of consultations aims to reach a broad range of stakeholders. Senior members of key Yemeni political parties, as well as civil society actors, security and economy experts are invited for a series of small, in-person meetings in Jordan and Yemen that allow for in-depth discussions. The Office of the Special Envoy has requested the invited political parties to nominate their own representatives and has strongly encouraged them to adhere to form delegations with at least 30% women. The Office of the Special Envoy has worked with the political parties to help them try and meet this standard and take advantage of this opportunity for the meaningful participation of women. The Envoy’s Office will also conduct separate consultations with a diverse group of Yemeni women representatives. Efforts will be made to consult the broader Yemeni public, including youth, to ensure their interests and aspirations are reflected in the outcomes of the consultations.

The Envoy continues to engage with the Government of Yemen and Ansar Allah. He also continues to engage regional and international actors to seek their support, including the permanent members of the Security Council.

General updates on the consultations are published regularly on OSESGY’s website and social media. The Envoy will brief the Security Council on the progress of those consultations as they develop.

In parallel to the consultations, the Special Envoy continues to explore every possibility of fast-tracking de-escalation by engaging with the warring parties on possible mutually agreeable compromises.