Briefings to the Security Council


In his briefing to the Security Council, the UN Special Envoy for Yemen, Martin Griffiths stressed that the continued assault on Marib by Ansar Allah continues to disrupt peace efforts and and urged the parties to take the opportunity that is on the table now to conclude negotiations.

12 May 2021

Martin Griffiths, the UN Special Envoy highlights his visits to a number of member states in his efforts to secure agreeemnt on his 4-point plan while stressing the continuous suffering of Yemenis amidst a Covid19 spike

15 Apr 2021

In his briefing to the UN Security Council, the Special Envoy for Yemen Martin Griffiths briefed about the detiriorating situation in Yemen due to the latest escalations and the threat of famine.

17 Mar 2021

The Special Envoy condemed escalation in Marib and expressed his concern over the deteriorating situation on the ground and highlighted the renewed international momentum behind finding a peaceful resolution to the conflict in Yemen.

18 Feb 2021

The Special Envoy condemned the attack against the newly formed government in Aden Airport and expressed his concern about the impact of the decision from the US to designate Ansar Allah as a Foreign Terrorist Organization.

14 Jan 2021

In his briefing to the UN Security Council today, the Special Envoy for Yemen Martin Griffiths briefed about developments regarding the Joint Declaration and further plans to mediate future prisoners releases.

11 Nov 2020

In his briefing to the UN Security Council today, the Special Envoy for Yemen Martin Griffiths described the release of over 1000 detainees as an 'airlift of hope', in what could be the largest such operation of this kind in the history of the conflict in Yemen.

18 Oct 2020

Martin Griffiths, the UN Special Envoy for Yemen, briefed the Security Council about the progress on the joint declaration, military situation, and called for restart the political process while putting the guns aside.

15 Sep 2020
August 2020

Closed session

18 Aug 2020

Martin Griffiths, the UN Special Envoy for Yemen, briefed the Security Council about the situation in the country and the progress of the ongoing negotiations on a Joint Declaration that aims to reach agreements about a nationwide ceasefire, humanitarian and economic measures and the resumption o

29 Jul 2020

The Special Envoy pointed to the Security Council that the parties engaged constructively and that negotiations benefited from concerted regional and international diplomatic support. “However the people of Yemen are right to be frustrated about the slow pace.

15 May 2020

UN Special Envoy for Yemen, Martin Griffiths, reported to the Council the progress of the ongoing negotiations with the parties to the conflict around UN proposals

16 Apr 2020

The UN Special Envoy for Yemen, Martin Griffiths warned that Yemen is at “critical juncture” and that the parties “will either lead the country toward a de-escalation and resumption of the political process, or toward greater violence and suffering that will make the path to th

12 Apr 2020

The UN envoy for Yemen Martin Griffiths briefed the Security Council on the dire military situation in

18 Feb 2020

I would like to draw the Council’s attention, with your permission, to these efforts: first of all, the de-escalation of military hostilities, and secondly, the implementation of the agreements made in Stockholm and Riyadh.

19 Jan 2020

The momentum to reach a political settlement in Yemen has been building.The establishment of the CeaseFire Enhancement and De-escalation Mechanism has allowed a reduction of the number of security incidents in the governorate. 

22 Nov 2019

Signs of hope in Yemen: progress in Jeddah talks, reduction of airstrikes, release of detainees, access granted to fuel ships into Hudaydah, & assistance delivered in Durhaimi, while the redeployment of forces in Hudaydah, continues to be a primary focus.



20 Oct 2019

Despite the admittedly very grim picture, we had some limited progress this month. The parties held the 6th joint meeting of the RCC. The tripartite ceasefire and de-escalation mechanism is now live and a joint operations centre has already been set up. 

16 Sep 2019

We have presented a proposal to the parties to make further progress on implementing the first phase of the Hudaydah agreement. I expect a final, official response from both by the 25th of August, and I am confident that will be forthcoming. 

20 Aug 2019

Our way forward is clear and supported by international consensus: implement the Hodeida agreement and engage swiftly the parties on a settlement the outlines of which, are well known to all.

18 Jul 2019

The continued dialogue between the parties to implement the Stockholm agreement is significant, but it is not enough for the Yemeni people. They want their suffering to end now and not tomorrow.

17 Jun 2019

Progress in the implementation of the Hudaydah agreement. Between 11-14 May, Ansar Allah have undertaken an initial redeployment of forces from the ports of Al-Hudaydah, Saleef and Ras Issa under UN monitoring.

15 May 2019

Both parties have now accepted the detailed redeployment plan, prepared by General Michael for phase one of the redeployments in Hodeida. 

15 Apr 2019

The parties have agreed to redeploy from the ports of Saleef and Ras Isa in a first step, followed by a redeployment from Hudaydah port itself and critical parts of the city of Hudaydah associated with humanitarian facilities in Step 2.

19 Feb 2019

There is a sense of optimism as well as concern. The substantial progress, particularly on Hudaydah of course, is something that we would like to see before we convene the next consultations.

09 Jan 2019

After two and half years of missed opportunities, it is fair to say that the political process to find a comprehensive solution to the conflict in Yemen has finally resumed.

14 Dec 2018

This is a crucial moment for Yemen. I have received firm assurances from the leadership of the Yemeni parties; the government of Yemen and Ansar Allah, that they are committed to attending the consultations in Sweden. 

16 Nov 2018

Disappointed that we were unable to bring the delegation from Sana’a to Geneva. Will continue my discussions by visiting Muscat and Sana’a

11 Sep 2018

Parties invited to a first of consultations on September 6th in Geneva. 

02 Aug 2018

The first briefing of the new Envoy Martin Griffiths. " My plan is to put to this Council within the next two months a framework for negotiations". 

17 Apr 2018