Briefings to the Security Council


Discussing a new proposal that includes humanitarian initiatives to rebuild trust and steps to bring the parties back to the negotiations table

10 Oct 2017

A proposal seeking to ensure the safe and uninterrupted functioning of the port of Hodeida

19 Aug 2017

Focus on the Hodeidah port and the surrounding area to ensure the continued flow of humanitarian supplies and commercial goods

12 Jul 2017

The reluctance of the key parties to embrace the concessions needed for peace remains extremely troubling

30 May 2017

Proposals  based mainly on the outcomes of Kuwait talks, and are intended to ease the path towards a comprehensive peace agreement

26 Jan 2017

The talks in Kuwait did not yield an agreement but the architecture of a roadmap emerged, which we will expand upon in the coming weeks.

31 Aug 2016

Participants to the Kuwait peace talks have discussed sensitive issues including: military withdrawals, security arrangements and the handover of weapons, political issues and ways to improve the economic and humanitarian situation, and the release of prisoners and detainees.

21 Jun 2016

Ongoing preparations of the Kuwait talks scheduled to commence on 18 April and aim to reach a comprehensive agreement, which will allow the resumption of inclusive political dialogue

15 Apr 2016

Seeking to ensure that some of the positive commitments which emerged from the talks in Switzerland were implemented

17 Feb 2016

Roadmap for the creation of military and security committees, which would supervise withdrawals and the handover of weapons in Sanaa, Hodeida and Taiz presented .

31 Oct 2015

Missed opportunities weigh heavily on the well-being of the people of Yemen, their future and the future of their country

15 Oct 2015