Parties’ military coordination committee convenes first meeting under the truce

MCC First meeting

28 May 2022, The first meeting of the parties' military coordination committee under the truce convenes under the auspices of the UN Special Envoy (Photo: OSESGY/Abdel Rahman Alzorgan)

28 May 2022

Parties’ military coordination committee convenes first meeting under the truce

AMMAN, 28 May 2022 – The Office of the Special Envoy for Yemen convened today the first meeting of the military coordination committee comprised of representatives of the parties in Amman, Jordan. 

The meeting was attended by military representatives of the Government of Yemen, Ansar Allah and the Coalition Joint Forces Command and chaired by the UN Envoy’s military adviser Brigadier General Antony Hayward. Constructive discussions focused on setting up a robust coordination mechanism for regular dialogue and communication to de-escalate and address incidents that impact civilians and threaten to derail the truce. 

“It is critical that parties have a neutral space to talk and interact with each other honestly, respectfully and freely with a focus on solutions,” Brig. Gen. Hayward stressed. 

Representatives discussed options for a joint mechanism that will be tasked with addressing and de-escalating strategic and operational military and security incidents of concern in a timely manner.  

“This first in-person meeting of military representatives of the parties in a long time to discuss how to improve dialogue and communication between them is a crucial step towards building trust and supporting the political process,” said Mr. Grundberg. “The parties should continue those positive steps by ensuring the continuation of the work of this coordination committee.” 

The representatives agreed to hold a follow up meeting.