Press release on the visit of the UN Special Envoy for Yemen in Marib

7 Mar 2020

Press release on the visit of the UN Special Envoy for Yemen in Marib

Marib, 7 March 2020 – The UN Special Envoy for Yemen, Martin Griffiths, concluded today a one-day visit to Marib, northern Yemen.

Mr. Griffiths met during his visit with local government officials, tribal chiefs, civil society including women and youth groups and internally displaced Yemenis. 

“I came here today to listen to the people of Marib and their concerns and make sure that the world hears them with me. I am extremely grateful to the Governor Sultan Al-Arada and to the people of Marib for hosting me and for sharing openly their views on the situation in Yemen. The military adventurism and quest for territorial gains that we have seen since mid-January in northern Yemen are leading us away from peace. Marib must be insulated from conflict, remain a haven for Yemenis and continue its path to development and prosperity” Mr. Griffiths said. 

Marib has been hosting hundred of thousands of displaced people since the beginning of the conflict. Last week more than a thousand families arrived here fleeing the conflict in the neighboring governorate of Al Jawf. 

“The only way to save Yemen from slipping back into large-scale conflict and another humanitarian tragedy is a return to calm through a comprehensive, inclusive and accountable de-escalation process. The time is now. I will work with the parties to make this a reality. Yemen cannot wait” Mr. Griffiths stressed.