Truce Agreement- April 2022

The Special Envoy of the Secretary-General for Yemen, Hans Grundberg, welcomes the positive reactions by all sides to the two-month truce reached in Yemen. He further stresses the importance of building on the agreement to restore some trust between the warring parties and resume a political process aimed at ending the conflict.

“The two-month truce started at 7 p.m. tonight. As of tonight, all offensive ground, aerial and naval military operations should cease,” Mr. Grundberg announced, “The success of this initiative will depend on the warring parties’ continued commitment to implementing the truce agreement with its accompanying humanitarian measures. I also hope the goodwill that we saw from all sides in public will translate into long-term de-escalation of inflammatory media rhetoric and hate speech.”

The terms of the two-months truce include facilitating the entry of 18 fuel ships into the ports of Hudaydah and allowing two commercial flights a week to and from Sana’a airport. The terms also include convening a meeting between the parties to agree on opening roads in Taiz and elsewhere to improve civilians’ freedom of movement inside Yemen. The full text of the truce agreement can be accessed through this link.

“My heartfelt congratulations to all Yemenis on the start of the holy month of Ramadan,” Mr. Grundberg said, “I hope the onset of this truce will give Yemenis a chance to celebrate the holy month in peace, safety and tranquility.”