UN Special Envoy Grundberg concludes visit to Iran

Photo: Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

4 Nov 2021

UN Special Envoy Grundberg concludes visit to Iran

Amman, 4 November 2021 - The UN Special Envoy for Yemen, Hans Grundberg, concluded yesterday a visit to Iran where he met with senior Iranian officials and representatives of the international community in Tehran. During his meetings, Mr. Grundberg emphasized the need for support to UN efforts to reach a negotiated settlement to the conflict.  

Mr. Grundberg expressed his serious concern over the escalating military activities in Yemen which are causing significant civilian casualties, including children, and are undermining peace efforts. He underscored the urgent need for de-escalation in all of Yemen, including Marib. He further discussed the need to address the deteriorating humanitarian and economic situation in Yemen, and the importance of ensuring freedom of movement of people and goods into and throughout the country.

“A peaceful and stable Yemen will benefit the region. I intend to work with the countries in the region to help Yemen reach a peaceful end to the conflict,” Mr. Grundberg said.