UN Special Envoy for Yemen briefs the Security council

UNOCHA Charlotte Cans 

5 Dec 2017

UN Special Envoy for Yemen briefs the Security council

Amman 5 December 2017 - The UN Secretary General Special Envoy for Yemen, Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, briefed the Security Council today in a closed session.

The Special Envoy elaborated on the recent escalation in the Yemeni conflict, that has reached alarming levels of violence, with a devastating impact on the civilian population. "During the last few days, the level of uncertainty has increased to unprecedented levels," said the Special Envoy.

The Special Envoy called on the parties to show calm and restraint and abstain from provocative actions and stressed that the parties must abide by their obligations according to international humanitarian law and human rights law.

"The situation is reaching a new adverse development with the killing of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh and a number of GPC leaders, including the GPC Secretary General Aref Zouka, head of the GPC delegation to peace talks. These events will constitute a considerable change to the political dynamics in Yemen."

 He supported the call of the Humanitarian Coordinator for a humanitarian pause to the fighting to allow civilians to restock on food, water and medicine. "Increased hostilities will further threaten civilian lives and exacerbate their suffering. The latest events might negatively impact the humanitarian needs of Yemen and raises serious concerns on the fate of many Yemeni who are dependent on humanitarian assistance," warned the Envoy.

Ahmed emphasized that the need for a negotiated settlement is more acute than ever, reiterating that "there is no military solution to the conflict and the inherent and fundamental issues of the Yemeni conflict are still unresolved, which does not serve the interests of either Yemen or the region." He reiterated that “only an inclusive peace process including all the parties in Yemen can bring a peaceful, viable and sustainable solution for the people of Yemen.”


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