Yemeni Women and the Office of the Special Envoy discuss Gender-Inclusive Ceasefires and Community Safety

OCHA/Giles Clarke

16 Jun 2020

Yemeni Women and the Office of the Special Envoy discuss Gender-Inclusive Ceasefires and Community Safety

Amman, 16 June 2020 - The Office of the Special Envoy for Yemen concluded today a virtual two-day meeting with Yemeni women peace actors, held on 15 and 16 June 2020. With the goal of enhancing and increasing women’s meaningful participation and gender inclusion in the peace process, the consultations focused specifically on gender-inclusive ceasefires and community safety.

More than 20 Yemeni women from across Yemen participated in the virtual consultations and provided the Office with substantive perspectives which will feed into the peace process. Nearly three-quarters of participants came from inside Yemen including from Hadhramaut, Hudaydah, Mar’ib, Taizz and Al-Baydha. Over 40% of participants were from the south, and young women comprised 23%.

The first day, participants were briefed on the political process by the Deputy Head of Mission, Muin Shreim; they discussed global perspectives on gender-inclusive ceasefires, recognising the unique nature of each ceasefire, conflict, and context. A number of women presented recent statements and priorities for a nationwide ceasefire in Yemen and highlighted, among others: the importance of integrating women and gender perspectives into ceasefire agreements and across ceasefire committees; the need for prevention and protection measures from different forms of violence; the importance of promoting critical and impartial media coverage to reduce the potential for renewed violence; and reporting mechanisms that should be established for the ceasefire implementation.

The second day, participants had a discussion with the Special Envoy, Martin Griffiths, on the role of women in driving the peace process. "We are aiming at a full engagement of women on the delegations and in the discussions, as well as in the process of transition after we manage to end the war", Mr. Griffiths said. "We count on women to advise the UN and the world about the priority needs and preoccupations of women and people in Yemen" he added.

The Office of the Special Envoy for Yemen plans to convene further consultations with an array of Yemeni women on topics of relevance to the peace process – ranging from power-sharing and state institutions to local governance and security arrangements. Soliciting and incorporating Yemeni women’s insights and gender perspectives on these key issues is at the heart of the Office of the Special Envoy initiatives to promote gender inclusion.