The Deputy Head of Mission at the Office of the Special Envoy meets with the Group of Nine

@UNICEF Yemen/Ansar

3 Sep 2020

The Deputy Head of Mission at the Office of the Special Envoy meets with the Group of Nine

A meeting between the Group of Nine, a coalition of Yemeni women’s organizations and networks supporting the implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 and Muin Shreim, Deputy Head of Mission at the Office of the Special Envoy for Yemen, took place virtually on 18 August.

The Group of Nine includes: the Yemeni Women’s Pact for Peace and Security; The Feminist Summit; Women's Voices for Peace; Peace Partners Alliance; Southern Women for Peace; Women for Yemen Network; Youth Consultative Council; Youth Awareness Platform; Peace Makers.

The Group of Nine presented their views and collective efforts for peace in Yemen. They highlighted their advocacy and media campaign, launched in April 2020 in collaboration with UN Women, in support of the UN Special Envoy’s call for a nationwide ceasefire. The campaign targeted 10 governorates in Yemen and called for concluding an immediate ceasefire to counter the spread of COVID 19.

Welcoming the campaign, Shreim reiterated "the commitment of the Office of the Special Envoy to engage and partner with women, youth and civil society institutions. He briefed participants about the Office’s efforts to facilitate negotiations between the Government of Yemen and Ansar Allah on a nationwide ceasefire, economic and humanitarian measures, and the resumption of the political process. Shreim and the participants exchanged views on how to advance these negotiations and develop practical solutions to specific issues, such as the release of prisoners and opening key access roads. Shreim and the participants also discussed the importance of inclusiveness, particularly of women and youth, in the negotiations and in a future political process aimed at comprehensively ending the conflict.

The Office of the Special Envoy has consistently worked to support Yemeni women’s meaningful participation in transitional and peacemaking processes. The Office is increasingly focused on ensuring the integration of gender analysis and perspectives into the peace process.

For more information please visit the Women Peace and Security Page