Opening remarks for Security Council Press Stakeout

@UN Photo/Evan Schneider

15 Feb 2022

Opening remarks for Security Council Press Stakeout

Good evening, everyone,

I’m glad to be speaking to you today here from New York. I just briefed the Council and you would have heard me updating on the recent worrying wave of military escalation. It’s needless to say a challenging time for the prospects of starting political dialogue. But let me reiterate: military options will not result in sustainable solutions for Yemen.  

Since I took office last September, I have been discussing with the parties and with diverse group of Yemenis, as well as regional and international actors, ways to make progress towards a political settlement. I said in this regard to the Council that I am developing a Framework that will lay the foundations for a structured political process to the conflict in Yemen.

I will therefore as from next week and for the upcoming weeks ahead hold bilateral consultations with Yemeni political parties.

In parallel to working on the Framework, I am also exploring ways to more immediately de-escalate the violence. Yemenis cannot wait until the parties are tired of fighting. And as we know by now, there will always be one more battle, one more win to pursue, one more territory to control.

And I therefore urge the parties to prioritize the needs of Yemenis and de-escalate the fighting.  And I hope that they will take this opportunity to actively engage in our consultations, develop the Framework, and work with me to chart a path out of this conflict towards a political settlement.

Thank you very much.