Presidential Statements

Security Council Presidential Statement, S/PRST/2017/14 , 09/9/2017 urging Greater Humanitarian Access to Famine-Threatened Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria

Security Council Presidential Statement, S/PRST/2017/7,  15/6/2017, calling on Parties in Yemen to Engage Constructively in Good-Faith Effort for Conflict Resolution

Security Council Presidential Statement S/PRST/2016/5 , 25/04/2016, welcoming the launch of peace talks that started on 21 April 2016 in Kuwait, and requesting the Secretary-General to provide a plan on how the Special Envoy’s office can further support the Yemeni parties.

Security Council Presidential Statement S/PRST/2013/3, 15/2/2013, welcoming the announcement of the launch of the National Dialogue Conference on 18 March 2013