Statement by the Special Envoy for Yemen

Hamed Sanabani Photo

25 Sep 2019

Statement by the Special Envoy for Yemen

Amman, 25 September 2019 - The Special Envoy for Yemen, Martin Griffiths is saddened by the recent military activity that claimed once again the lives of scores of civilians, including children. “This is yet another heartbreaking event. ” Mr. Griffiths said.

The Special Envoy calls on all parties to seize the opportunity that lies ahead and to commit to it. “I urge all to take tangible and quick steps to reduce the violence, respect international humanitarian law and allow for a conducive environment for Yemen to return to a political process without delay .” 

“Priority should be given to urgent humanitarian issues that would alleviate the suffering of millions of Yemenis who cannot afford food, basic commodities, travel and medical treatment,” added the Special Envoy.

The Special Envoy is confident that any steps taken to de-escalate tensions and improve the lives of Yemeni men, women and children will be supported by the international community. “Yemen needs to break from this vicious cycle of violence now and be safeguarded from the recent tensions in the region that could risk its prospects for peace.” Mr. Griffiths said.

The Special Envoy reiterates that the solution to the war in Yemen is a political settlement based on partnerships, neighborly relationships and building the state institutions in line with the three references.