UN Envoy consults Yemeni women on multitrack peace process design and priorities

@OSESGY/ Abdel Rahman Alzorgan

22 May 2022

UN Envoy consults Yemeni women on multitrack peace process design and priorities

AMMAN, 22 May 2022 – The UN Special Envoy for Yemen, Hans Grundberg, met today with a diverse group of Yemeni women peace activists, experts, civil society and private sector actors and leaders as part of his efforts to consult on the Framework for the multi-track peace process, including priorities that factor in the experiences and perspectives of Yemeni women and youth. The meeting also discussed the implementation and renewal of the truce.

Women participants highlighted their priorities for the peace process, including improving the living conditions and livelihoods of Yemeni civilians, lifting restrictions on civilians freedom of movement, especially women and children, addressing the recruitment of child soldiers, safeguarding schools and access to education, involving local mediators and the private sector in the security track of the peace process, improving access to basic services and goods, addressing the fragmentation of fiscal and monetary policies, focusing on the removal of mines that impact women and children, and ensuring equal job opportunities for all Yemenis, including women and youth.

“While continuously encouraging the parties to ensure women’s meaningful participation in the peace process remains a priority for me, it is also important that we integrate the views of Yemeni women into the design of the peace process to ensure it is sensitive to the issues that Yemeni women and youth face,” said Mr. Grundberg.

The UN Special Envoy will continue in upcoming weeks his consultations with diverse Yemeni constituencies, including economic experts, civil society, and political parties