UN Special Envoy Grundberg initiates consultations on his Framework


7 Mar 2022

UN Special Envoy Grundberg initiates consultations on his Framework

Amman, 7 March 2022 - The Special Envoy of the Secretary-General for Yemen, Hans Grundberg, started a series of consultations today, Monday, in Amman, Jordan. Bilateral meetings with leaders from the General People’s Congress party and delegations from Islah, the Yemeni Socialist Party and Nasserist Unionist People’s Organization will take place the first week. Over 100 Yemeni men and women from political parties, the security and economic sectors, and civil society will be consulted over the next few weeks in Jordan and in Yemen. The Special Envoy will continue engaging with the Government of Yemen and Ansar Allah as well as with regional and international stakeholders. Efforts will also be made to consult the broader Yemeni public, including youth, to ensure the Framework reflects Yemenis’ interests and aspirations.

Building on the Special Envoy’s prior engagements, the consultations will focus on identifying immediate and long-term priorities along political, security and economic tracks. This will inform the development of the Special Envoy’s Framework which will outline an inclusive multitrack process to address immediate needs and long-term issues required to make progress towards a political settlement. “This is a dire time for Yemen. The conflict, which is soon entering its eighth year, continues to exacerbate the suffering of civilians, to threaten regional stability, and undermine the prospects of a peaceful solution.” Mr. Grundberg said, “There is an urgent need to establish an inclusive political process that reverses this destructive trajectory and provides opportunities and space for dialogue at multiple levels.”

“I am grateful to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan for hosting these consultations and to all Yemeni political actors and diverse constituencies for their willingness to participate and engage on a positive agenda for the future”, Mr. Grundberg added.