Military coordination committee convenes second meeting under UN-auspices

@OSESGY/Sulafah AlShami

6 Jun 2022

Military coordination committee convenes second meeting under UN-auspices

AMMAN, 6 June 2022 – The Office of the Special Envoy for Yemen convened the second meeting of the parties’ military coordination committee in Amman, Jordan today. Military representatives from the Government of Yemen, Ansar Allah and the Coalition Joint Forces Command participated in the meeting, facilitated by the UN Envoy’s Principal Military Adviser Brigadier General Antony Hayward.

The meeting was held in a good atmosphere with the participants engaging constructively on a number of technical issues related to the parties commitment to implementing the truce. 

The military coordination committee agreed to set up a joint coordination room to address main issues of concern in a timely manner, and to nominate focal points for the coordination room within a week to ensure regular communication.

“Communication and trust-building are necessary for de-escalating the conflict in Yemen,” said Brig. Gen. Hayward. “Despite numerous ongoing challenges, the parties’ commitment to constructive dialogue and exchange on de-escalation efforts demonstrate their intent to uphold the truce and alleviate civilian suffering.”

The military coordination committee also agreed to meet on a monthly basis to ensure regular discussions continue at a strategic level.