The Special Envoy concludes his third week of Framework bi-lateral consultations

24 March 2022 – The Special Envoy meeting with representatives from the Peaceful Tihama Hirak as part of the Framework consultations in Amman, Jordan. Photo: OSESGY/ Abdel Rahman Alzorgan

24 Mar 2022

The Special Envoy concludes his third week of Framework bi-lateral consultations

Amman, 24 March, 2022 – The Special Envoy for Yemen, Hans Grundberg, concluded today the third week of bi-lateral consultations with Yemeni stakeholders. He met with representatives of various political groups and parties, including Al-Rashad Union, the Political Bureau of the National Resistance, the Southern National Coalition, the Peaceful Tihami Hirak, and various representatives from the Supreme Council of the Revolutionary Southern Hirak.

Participants emphasized the importance of regional and international support for ensuring the success of any future political process. They highlighted the need to address humanitarian and economic issues that could help alleviate the suffering of all Yemenis, including addressing marginalization, the release of detainees, the re-opening of air and sea ports and roads across Yemen, opening humanitarian corridors, supporting the national economy, the equitable distribution of resources, and unifying monetary policy countrywide. 

Discussions also focused on the need for a nationwide ceasefire that would halt all military activities. Participants offered their visions on how to address key issues, including the future of the Yemeni state, representation, and the southern question, as well as arrangements for transition and reconstruction.

The Special Envoy will resume his consultations next month with details to be announced in due course.