The Special Envoy concludes his second week of Framework bi-lateral consultations 

@OSESGY/Abdel Rahman Alzorgan

18 Mar 2022

The Special Envoy concludes his second week of Framework bi-lateral consultations 

Amman, 18 March, 2022 – The Special Envoy for Yemen, Hans Grundberg, concluded yesterday, 17 March, the second week of bi-lateral consultations with a wide range of Yemeni stakeholders, as part of his efforts to inform his Framework that aims to chart a path towards a sustainable political settlement to the conflict. He met with leaders from the General People’s Congress party and representatives of the Southern Transitional Council and the Inclusive Hadhramout Conference. He also consulted with security experts including military and security professionals and civil society leaders. 

Discussions focused on the design, guiding principles and elements of the multi-track process. They also emphasized the need for de-escalation measures leading to a ceasefire as an important step for civilian protection and improving access for people and goods. 

All participants highlighted the urgent need to address immediate priorities related to improving the economic conditions for civilians and mitigating the impact of the conflict on civilians, while not losing sight of longer-term questions related to the final settlement of the conflict and the future of Yemen, including the Southern question. Participants also stressed the centrality of reaching a regional and international consensus to ending the conflict in Yemen.

In-depth discussions with security experts, including civil society leading stabilization and mediation initiatives, helped articulate visions on how security issues could support the resumption of political negotiations. Participants underlined the need for addressing the root causes of the conflict, and the need to support the local level security institutions to help restore the delivery of key services to civilians. They further emphasized the need to support security governance in Yemen and improve cooperation between civil society and security institutions in addressing human rights issues. 

The Special Envoy will continue his bi-lateral consultations next week with more Yemeni political parties, including Al-Rashad Union, different factions of the Supreme Council of the Revolutionary Al-Hirak for the Liberation and Independence of the South, the National Resistance Council, the Southern National Council, and the Tihama Hirak.