UN Special Envoy concludes visit to Taiz Governorate


11 Nov 2021

UN Special Envoy concludes visit to Taiz Governorate

Amman, 11 November 2021  – The UN Special Envoy for Yemen Hans Grundberg concluded yesterday a three-day visit to Taiz governorate. He held meetings in Taiz city, Turbah and Mokha, where he discussed with a wide range of stakeholders the urgent necessity for an end to the conflict in Yemen.

In Taiz city and Turbah, the UN Special Envoy met the Governor, Nabil Shamsan, political party representatives, civil society, members of parliament, business representatives and journalists. The representatives raised their concerns on the impact of the conflict, including the targeting of civilians in residential neighborhoods and severe restrictions on the safe and free movement of people and goods due to the continued road closures. They also discussed the sharp deterioration of the economy and basic services, and its severe impact on businesses and families.

Mr. Grundberg underlined in his meetings the need for comprehensive solutions and inclusive political dialogue. He called for all stakeholders to engage in constructive discussions on political, military and economic issues that concern all Yemenis.

In Mokha, Mr. Grundberg met with the local authority, the Political Bureau of the National Resistance and the Al-Hirak Al-Tihami, who highlighted the need for de-escalation, inclusivity and the functioning of state institutions.

“These visits have given me a first-hand experience of the impact of the conflict on civilians in Taiz, including the difficulties they face moving through their daily lives. It has also given me the opportunity to hear directly from Yemeni men, women and young people on how a UN-led political process can help to address the situation in Taiz as part of a sustainable solution to the conflict in Yemen,” Mr. Grundberg said.